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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's no secret that I've been just instagramming my life away, lol! It's so easy to just snap and post and hopefully I will get back to Project Life. I must admit that I've completely fallen off the bandwagon with it probably from the first week, lol! I'm determined to not give up on it and focus more on it during the summer even though Aniyah will be gone.


1. | my new shoes| I just love wedges. They are comfortable and these to me are a bit more sexy.
2. | breakfast | Had to grab my sausage biscuit from BK
3. | me | just a photo of myself in the drive-thru to get my biscuit
4. Tights + Kicks = comfort
5. | Laundry | My most hated chore although I dont mind folding towels
6. | Me | : All natural
7. My yummy sausage biscuit
8. | School | Aniyah's last week of school for this year. I usually drop her off at the front of the school.
9. | Work | Love being part of the United States Army
10. | Peony | Gifted by my co-workers
11. | Awards Day | Today was awards day for my baby. Honor Roll again!
12. | MAC | MAC just released their new "Hey, Sailor" collection

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