| It's the weekend |

Friday, June 22, 2012



  1. This is such a gorgeous photo! I have to step up my makeup game but that means I will have to wake up earlier and I struggle with getting up on time now, lol!
Thanks so much Tamika! LOL!  I too struggle with getting up just to do my hair and then adding a face on makes for a long morning. Thanks for stopping by!

It's definitely no secret that I love Pinterest and I secretely love weddings and pics so this is just my fav board this week.

| weekend checklist |
1. spend more time reading 50 Shades of Grey
2. scrapbooking
3. movies possibly
4. some swimming
5. try some new receipe
6. Upload a few new YT videos.
7. Maybe a trip to Nashville

What are your weekend plans...do share?

| F A V O R I T E s |

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loving my natural hair even more each day
 I just realized that I haven't posted in over 2 weeks....so not my blogging goal but I guess time has just flown by plus I had a week of being sick.  It's been pretty quiet around the house with Aniyah on summer break so things have been really slow. I love posting Currents which originated from Tina Aszmus @ life.love.paper so I thought to also do Favorites. I'm not sure if she created that thought/concept also but I just enjoyed doing it.  I know on the YT many do favorites each month so maybe I'll start doing my favs as well.

|  F A V O R I T E s | 

Book: Fifty Shades of Grey (awesome read so far)
Activity: Swimming (finally learning how to swim and today was awesome)
Fashion Piece: sheer blouses (must have in my wardrobe)
Makeup Item: MAC in Extra Dimension Highlighter in Glorify (my must have for a natural highlight on my cheek bones and down my nose)
Scrap Item:  Studio Calico wood veneers ( love them all)
Hair Item: Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner
Nail Item: JulieG nail polishes

*I've been totally loving my natural hair. It has almost been 2 months since my Big Chop and I'm completely loving it. I've found a few products that are working for me right now and I'm loving my texture. Many believe that I twist my hair on the regular to achieve my style but it's really a very simple process. My hope would be to wear this style until it starts to get a little cooler and then I may explore some other protective style.

| B E A U T Y haul |

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I love all things in the line of beauty and fashion and I took a recent trip to Ulta for a few things and because I had a coupon. Ulta also had a buy one get one half on a few things and I probably have way too many polishes but Aniyah and I have a "spa day" at home sometimes and it allows her to pick colors so I use that as an excuse to keep buying them. =)

I absolutely love these colors. So beautiful and especially "Jet Set to Paris". The name alone won me over!

Going to give these WnW polishes a try!
I've never used WnW polishes before so I'm curious to gives these a try and for $1.99 I thought it was worth the try. The pink-ish color is called "FuchsiaRama" and its #232C and the yellow is called "The Wonder Yellows" #224C.

The collective haul

*I'll be back to add a little video I made, once it uploads