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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas was great this year.  I've been in sort of a little funk that I can't seem to shake but I know happier days are coming.

 We always have these homemade mini biscuits for Christmas.  They are so simple and so great.
My baby loved her Alabama slippers. I almost wish I had a pair of them. Roll Tide!

My baby got an Ipod this year. My niece has had one for a while now so Santa decided to bring her one. I can re-claim my Ipad back.

The mini tree

All the kids got something to ride this year and he was too excited about that.

Pandora bracelets were a huge hit.

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas. See you all in the next year. I'm working on getting Project Life together for 2013.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! See you all in the new year!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Just because it's 12.12.12 and today for me is leopard and gold Wednesday. Happy Hump Day folks! Feeling so happy and blessed. Love on Top!  instagram: @niyahnicole

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Day 4 -7*------------------

Playing a little catch up today with my DD posts. I wondered how I was going to handle keeping up during the week with working but my phone has played a HUGE part in keeping up with the daily things.

---- Dec 4 ----: Tuesday blues...felt like blue for the day and rolled with it.

---- Day 5 ----: Snapped this picture of Aniyah at my desk after she wrote her letter to Santa.

---- Day 6 ----: I woke up feeling a bit "extra" and decided to make myself up for the day.  Our office had birthday lunch at a restaurant called Wintzells Oyster House.

---- Day 7 ----: My baby had a 24 hour stomach virus so we stayed home and I spent my time just loving on her while keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't catch the bug! Luckily I didn't.

How are you all coming along? Keeping up? 

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Friday, December 7, 2012

This layout was inspired by this lo and silhouette cut Wilna Furstenberg did for Studio Calico tips and tricks. I couldn't wait to get my Cameo to cut it out.  This was my first cut with the machine.

-------------*STOMACH VIRUS*-------------
Someone is home sick today with a nasty stomach bug. I'm definitely hoping I don't catch it.

 Have a good weekend everyone!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


I definitely enjoy days when I wake up and do absolutely nothing and then I enjoy days when I wake up feeling like I want to do something a little "extra". Today was definitely one of those days. I woke up feeling like doing a little "extra" before going to work. Please excuse the photos while I bear it all for the world (I guess instagram is bearing it all for the world too, @niyahnicole).  Happy Thursday!

Eyes: MAC Woodwinked (lid), MAC Saddle (Crease), MAC Embark (outter crease), MAC Ricepaper (brow bone highlight), Maybelline Ultra Liner & Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara ( face based with Milk of Magnesia & Vanishing Cream)
Done: Wet-n-Wild 919b 'Vamp it Up' (Lips)

Sun light in the morning



  1. I know I keep saying it but Tonia you make some of the most beautiful albums/pages! Rhonda
    Thanks Rhonda. I love making DD albums. Hopefully I can keep up, lol
  2. I love your start to your DD album. Thanks for sharing. (I too, just started wearing 'nerd' glasses and have received a lot of compliments) Go figure...
    Hi Cherri! LOL my baby has had me wearing these glasses and at first I didn't think I would like them but after the folks at work said they were "cute" on me, I just kept wearing them, lol!  


    1. I found your blog from the SC gallery :) I absolutely love your cover and foundation pages, can't wait to see the finished album!
      Thanks Michelle, hope I can keep up to finish it! Thanks for stopping by.
    2. Had to come over from Studio Calico to check out more pictures!! I'm so in love with your whole album! I was kind of wishing I would have used rings instead of the SC Handbook album and I'm pretty sure you just convinced me to re-do my album!! Love! Seriously love!
      Hi Stephanie! I like the rings because I can switch things around very easily. For me its just more convenient because I'm always changing my mind, lol! Thanks for stopping by.
    3. Your album is stunning! I love your work! Rhonda
      Hi Rhonda! Thanks so much! =) 

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Monday, December 3, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Day 2*------------------ 

We kept it pretty low key today. I caught Aniyah in her room reading her SpongeBob book this morning so her hair was still tied up in bantu knots. We rode to Sonic since I like getting 1/2 off the Strawberry limeade during happy hour. I made my usual Sunday run to the grocery store for the things we need for the week. The weather was great so we went to the park and had way too much fun on the seesaw.  I'm not sure how I'll keep up with my DD during the week. So much easier to capture those "daily" things when I'm home but we'll see.

| December Daily: Day 1 |

Sunday, December 2, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Day 1*------------------

So yesterday we enjoyed a day of just hanging out together. Breakfast, nail shop, movie, Alabama game, Starbucks run, snuggle time and remembering Christmas last year. 

  *links to products will be added later

Project Share: Decided to to the challenge over at 2Peas to lift a GG. Can you guess who I lifted?.........the awesome............Wilna!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Foundation Pages*------------------

Ugh! I've literally spent hours upon hours trying to upload these photos!  I combined the photos into a collage so that it wouldn't be an extremely long post of photos. On my album this year I used a ton of October Afternoon. I created a 6x8 chipboard album and covered it in Bazzil cardstock and embellished it with a few Martha Stewart punches, a Jenni Bowlin tag, Pink Paislee alphas and sequin. The ribbons are from OA | Make it Merry | and | Holiday Style | collections.  The page protectors I used were from the Snap by Simple Stories collection.  Hope to share Day 1 tomorrow.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Flat Twist. I tried a new style last night on my natural hair. I flat twisted it after I washed and deep conditioned.  I definitely liked the results. I am getting better about taking and posting pictures with my natural hair.  I haven't been a fan of how I look in pictures.

Hi Bun. Before washing and flat twisting I wore my hair in a high bun for a few days. It's usually my "go to" style when the twists or braids get old. I'm definitely looking forward to straightening my hair and seeing what it looks like and the length. I "big chopped" back in April and haven't had a blow out or trim yet. Hoping to get it before the New Year. I'm pass my 6 month deadline.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I finished my foundation pages for my December Daily last night and I'm definitely loving how it's turning out. I used a ton of Make It Merry for my album this year along with some Dear Lizzy, Jenni Bowlin, Pink Paislee, and a few other brands. My plan is to share my foundation pages on the 1st and then the each day going forward.


I wanted a Cameo for months now and finally decided to take advantage of the 25% sale over at TwoPeas about two weeks ago.  It came last night and I can't wait to set it all up.

Hope you all are having a great week.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

As we are approaching Thanksgiving I was sitting at my desk thinking of so many things that I'm thankful for. I'm just completely thankful for the many blessings that I have had from this time last year to now. There has definitely been a lot of changes that have happened, all of which I'm thankful for, because they continue to help shape and mold me into a better person. I strive everyday to be a better person and working even harder to be what God would have me to be. Even through all the small valley's that have happened I'm just beyond blessed to be alive, present and in the current moment.

A co-worker of mines came to my desk today and felt the need to just vent somethings that have been happening around the office and I was reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to be able to go to work and not take the things that happen at work home with me. I'm thankful for a relationship with God so that I don't allow negativity to surround me either at home or at work.  I'm thankful to have co-workers who I share an AWESOME relationship with on and off the clock.  So thankful to just have a job. PERIOD.

It's so easy to complain about life's valleys this year but today I just want to be thankful. I want to be thankful for the Lord's continued blessings, family, friends, a job, food to eat, fresh water to drink, a car to drive, a home to live in, clothes and the list could go on. 

I would hope that anyone reading this post would also take a moment to just reflect on what they are thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, T.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

 I love instagram....just a few recent pics.  @niyahnicole.