| December Daily: Day 4-7 |

Saturday, December 8, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Day 4 -7*------------------

Playing a little catch up today with my DD posts. I wondered how I was going to handle keeping up during the week with working but my phone has played a HUGE part in keeping up with the daily things.

---- Dec 4 ----: Tuesday blues...felt like blue for the day and rolled with it.

---- Day 5 ----: Snapped this picture of Aniyah at my desk after she wrote her letter to Santa.

---- Day 6 ----: I woke up feeling a bit "extra" and decided to make myself up for the day.  Our office had birthday lunch at a restaurant called Wintzells Oyster House.

---- Day 7 ----: My baby had a 24 hour stomach virus so we stayed home and I spent my time just loving on her while keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't catch the bug! Luckily I didn't.

How are you all coming along? Keeping up? 


  1. Lovely pages, it's coming together brilliantly.

  2. Loving your pages! I am keeping up and that's a good thing! Have a great week! Rhonda

  3. I love your work and I love how you used the coasters in your album too.
    May you have a Merry Christmas!