| December Daily: Day 1 |

Sunday, December 2, 2012

-------------*December Daily 2012: Day 1*------------------

So yesterday we enjoyed a day of just hanging out together. Breakfast, nail shop, movie, Alabama game, Starbucks run, snuggle time and remembering Christmas last year. 

  *links to products will be added later

Project Share: Decided to to the challenge over at 2Peas to lift a GG. Can you guess who I lifted?.........the awesome............Wilna!


  1. I know I keep saying it but Tonia you make some of the most beautiful albums/pages! Rhonda

  2. I love your start to your DD album. Thanks for sharing. (I too, just started wearing 'nerd' glasses and have received a lot of compliments) Go figure...

  3. omg, I am a big fans of your nerdy layout. love every little bits of this! you are awesome!