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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

As we are approaching Thanksgiving I was sitting at my desk thinking of so many things that I'm thankful for. I'm just completely thankful for the many blessings that I have had from this time last year to now. There has definitely been a lot of changes that have happened, all of which I'm thankful for, because they continue to help shape and mold me into a better person. I strive everyday to be a better person and working even harder to be what God would have me to be. Even through all the small valley's that have happened I'm just beyond blessed to be alive, present and in the current moment.

A co-worker of mines came to my desk today and felt the need to just vent somethings that have been happening around the office and I was reminded of how thankful and blessed I am to be able to go to work and not take the things that happen at work home with me. I'm thankful for a relationship with God so that I don't allow negativity to surround me either at home or at work.  I'm thankful to have co-workers who I share an AWESOME relationship with on and off the clock.  So thankful to just have a job. PERIOD.

It's so easy to complain about life's valleys this year but today I just want to be thankful. I want to be thankful for the Lord's continued blessings, family, friends, a job, food to eat, fresh water to drink, a car to drive, a home to live in, clothes and the list could go on. 

I would hope that anyone reading this post would also take a moment to just reflect on what they are thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year. 

Happy Thanksgiving, T.

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