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Monday, November 5, 2012

FOTD: Black Opal Foundation Stick
I've recently discovered a new foundation love! Yes....as if I need any more make-up, lol!  YouTube is such an enabler. I've recently been watching videos from Lyric JamaicanMakeUpArtist and I just knew for sure she was probably using MAC or some other higher-end foundation and NO! Wait...let me tell you what she uses....wait for it, wait for it.........Black Opals Full Coverage Foundation sticks. I bought a total of 5 shades:
1. Beautiful Bronze : All over face combined with Suede Mocha
2. Suede Mocha: All over face combined with Beautiful Bronze  (*I could easily use Suede Mocha as my all over by itself but I do love the warmth of BB)
3. Black Walnut: Used as a base for my contour powder
4. Heavenly Honey: Highlight for under eyes/cheeks/nose
5. Hazlenut: I use as a base foundation for under my eyes

I know some may think why the need for 5 foundations but normally one color just mutes your face completely out without any dimension and our faces are not like that naturally. As stated above, each foundation for me has its own purpose: base, highlight and contour.  I found them locally at my CVS and they were $9.50 each. Some of your local beauty supply stores will carry them as well. Definitely cheaper than a lot of higher-end but it is a bit pricey for a drug store foundation.

For most work days, I keep things simple. I fill in my eyebrows, keep the eyes simple with two shadows from Urban Decay Naked palette, some liner, mascara, nude lip, soft cheek and soft highlight.

I definitely recommend these foundation sticks. Let me know if you try them out!

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